<h1>Garage Door Repair</h1>

Garage Door Repair

Our focus as a Garage Door repair company is on providing our customers with 100% satisfaction. We offer the best quality garage door repair at a reasonable price. We service both residential and commercial properties in Phoenix Valley, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas. Our professionally Master garage door repair Technicians, will get the job done in a timely manner. We do honest work and stand behind it. Our reputation for excellent garage door repair and reliability is second to none.

<h1>Garage Door Installation</h1>

Garage Door Installation

We provide you with the fastest, best garage door installation service in Phoenix and Scottsdale area. We guarantee you complete satisfaction with our garage door installation services at very competitive price. We can install all makes and models of garage doors for both residential and commercial sector. Many garage door installation choices are available, ranging from wood, steel, aluminum, and vinyl. We also offer different insulation, design styles, colors, and window options as well. We can install any door residential or commercial.

<h1>Garage Door Opener</h1>

Garage Door Opener

Our garage door opener services allow us to install and repair your garage door openers if you experience trouble or if you want a new installation. We also install keypads for garage entry, safety sensors so you and your family are safe if they run under a garage door. Whatever the issue may be with your garage door opener, we will inspect, diagnose and address the problem so that your garage door opener is back to operating in optimal efficiency, all at our low competitive prices. Ram Garage Door offers fast, friendly service of garage door opener.

We can handle any Garage Door Repair related issue. Request Service
  • Spring Repair
  • Drums & Rollers
  • Off Tracks
  • Panels
  • Openers

garage door repair phoenix, azTo avoid taking risk your garage door spring repair needs should be done by expert technicians only. That is why Ram Garage Door is always ready to handle spring repair dilemmas and make sure our customers are worry free and safe the whole time. Ram Garage Door has the fullest range of garage door spring repair products and services incapable of providing you great services of spring door repair in whole Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ (Arizona) area. We also capable of handling all major types, kinds and leading brands of garage door spring repair hardware and systems available in the market at a very affordable price. We even service those brands that we do not sell!


Extension Spring systems are typically installed on single-car width garage doors.


Torsion Spring systems are typically installed on double-car width garage doors.

garage door repair phoenix, azThere are three types of cable drums that correspond to three types of overhead-type garage doors: standard-lift, vertical-lift, and high-lift. Each cable drum is manufactured to help the garage door remain balanced as it opens and closes with the help of the torsion springs. High-lift garage doors have a longer straight portion of track between the top roller and the curved portion of track. Vertical lift garage doors do not have any curved portions of track. Instead, the garage door opens straight up and at a slight angle backwards. The track is angled back slightly to let the door close as a wedge. Ram Garage Door‘s technicians posses more then 30 years combined experience in replacing and servicing garage door drums through-out the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. We carry many drum parts on our trucks so we can fix the problem on the spot without unnecessary delays.

garage door repair phoenix, azIf your garage door ever comes off its track, stop operating it immediately. If it continues to operate, the door can sustain serious damage. It will be necessary for a garage door technician to put it back on track. He might have to straighten or even replace some of the door panels. Do not alter or adjust the bottom bracket. It connects with the spring system that operates the door. If you loosen it, the tension spring can cause serious bodily harm. Contact Ram Garage Door to fix the problem for you and to reposition your garage door to its original position. We are expert in resolving all Off Track issues and we can even show you the right way to avoid this from recurring. We provide warranty that includes one-year parts and labor protection for normal use and excluding abuse and acts of God. Manufacturer warranties cover parts only, usually on sections only, from one year to lifetime.

garage door repair phoenix, azIf you have a broken panel call us and we will send our technicians to take a look exactly what kind of panel you need, and then we will install it for you. While you may be consider replacing the entire door, sometimes replacing the panel itself is the best option. Our technicians will determine the manufacturer of your garage door to find the right replacement panels. Garage door panels must fit exactly back into the garage door. We will find an exact match for your brand of garage door. To replace the panel our technicians will Measure the width and length of your garage door. We have all panels in stock, it can be install in the same day. We are professional in new garage door panel installation. Ram Garage Door can replace overhead Garage doors panels, Wood garage door panels, Steel garage doors panels, commercial door panels, and service doors panel replacement. We can replace your garage door panel if it has been crashed screeched or dented or needs to be replaced.

garage door opener phoenix, azGarage door openers provide more conveniences than many homeowners realize. Many homeowners overlook the importance of a garage door opener, they provide a comfort for opening the garage, weather protection, and safety. The process of opening the garage is encompassing of the garage going up, stopping, and coming back down. With our garage openers, residents would not be required to push the button that is on the inside of the garage door. This can often be very inconvenient for homeowners. The homeowner would have to exit their car to press the button. It can be hard to exit a garage without activating the sensors. The sensors can detect movement and will stop if the person’s leg crosses the sensor. Ram garage door opener services simply allows the garage door to function without having to exit the vehicle or standing next to the garage switch inside of the garage. We can service your existing opener or install a new garage door opener for you so opening and closing your garage will be a breeze.

“This is who you should call when you need a new Garage door, Garage door opener, or a repair to your Garage door.   They have installed doors on two of our homes now, and I just had them out to repair a 14 year old door that our family damaged.  The repair rate was very fair, much less than what we expected to pay, so we are very happy.   I think they are very fair priced, and we got same day service on our door.”

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