Drums & Rollers

garage door repair phoenix, azThere are three types of cable drums that correspond to three types of overhead-type garage doors: standard-lift, vertical-lift, and high-lift. Each cable drum is manufactured to help the garage door remain balanced as it opens and closes with the help of the torsion springs. High-lift garage doors have a longer straight portion of track between the top roller and the curved portion of track. Vertical lift garage doors do not have any curved portions of track. Instead, the garage door opens straight up and at a slight angle backwards. The track is angled back slightly to let the door close as a wedge. Ram Garage Door‘s technicians posses more then 30 years combined experience in replacing and servicing garage door drums through-out the Phoenix and Scottsdale area. We carry many drum parts on our trucks so we can fix the problem on the spot without unnecessary delays.

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